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5 Tips for Navigating Transition and Growth

yoga studio glenville ny transition and growthyoga studio glenville ny transition and growth

September is just about here!

The energy of our environment around us this time of year is that of transition. I mean, let's think about this for a minute; most school age children are getting ready to start a new year of school and this means significant change for entire households, communities, businesses, traffic, and on the list goes. Not to mention the shift in seasons, from the intensity, humidity and heat of Summer to the cooler, crisper, drier air of Fall. Mother nature is in full swing slowly bringing on her next masterpiece. So what does transitional energy feel like? Well, it really depends on your personal constitution, but for the most part it tends to feel slightly or sometimes REALLY unstable. For some this energy may present as difficulty focusing, for others it may cause anxiousness, yet for a few it's barely noticeable and it's affecting them on subtler levels.

I like to think of these transitional times of year as opportunities, but this particular time of year is my favorite. To me it presents a wonderful opportunity for growth! It's a chance to shed the things that aren't working for us, kind of like the trees begin to shed their leaves. Once we've identified what needs to be shed we can make room for new ideas, intentions, goals, maybe even dreams! What we need to understand is how these subtle energies work. Once we do, we can then learn how to use them to charge our practice. I will be talking about these very topics in my classes this month.  If you'd like to learn more about the deeper practices of yoga along with some basic Ayurveda, I will be offering an 8 week session focused on that starting in October.

5 tips for navigating the transition of Summer to Fall:

  • Self Massage with Oil, using sesame oil. This is best done before a shower, let the oil sit on the skin for at least a few minutes and then wash off in the shower. You could add essential oils or dosha balancing oils to the base oil.
  • Eat more cooked foods, root vegetables, nourishing grains and greens. Eat Less cold, dry or crunchy foods.
  • Maintain a regular sleep schedule.
  • Do grounding poses in your daily practice such as Childs Pose(Balasana), Seated Forward Bend(Paschimottanasana), or Garland Pose(Malasana).
  • Do at least 5 minutes of diaphragmatic breathing each day with a mental focus on the breath.

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  1. Lovely says:

    Dear ? ! (sorry, donb4t know your name)thank you soooo much for these beautiful yoga ndairs. You have such a wonderful calming voice, we can sense that you speak from your heart with love, you have a talent to help people heal themselves. I am a yoga teacher, just getting into yoga nidra, and I am learning at the moment from you so that I can apply it in my classes. It is such a wonderful tool. Me and my friends want to thank you sooo much for the peace you spread so freely Do you mind me sharing you on fb????? With my yoga students?Thank you from Spain, with a big smile and sending sunshine from the coast of Andalucia,a big fanKat

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