Classes & Fees


Drop-In - $15.00

10 Class Card - $120.00

**Membership - Monthly Unlimited $100 (with a 6mo minimum commitment)

 **1 Yr. Unlimited Membership - $1000.00

Membership Benefits Include;

10% off special events
5% off boutique purchases
One guest pass per month
FREE access to online digital content


**This pricing/offer cannot be combined with any other offer or discount, unless specifically stated in the offer.

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Special Events

Special event pricing is on an event-by-event basis and class cards do not apply.  Contact us for special event pricing details!

We will be canceling any event if there isn't enough interest. Please Pre-Register if you are interested! If you register and the event is canceled we will refund your money.

Military & Student/Teacher Discounts Available

Present your military ID or student ID for any of the local high schools and colleges and receive a 10% discount! These discounts cannot be used on monthly specials, flash sales, or membership options.

Please note that our class cards do expire. 10 Class passes expire 4 months from the date of activation (the first class you use) and 5 Class passes expire 3 months from the date of activation. Also our class passes are not applicable to workshops, sessions, study groups, or special events.

There are no refunds for class card purchases.

Beginner Yoga

This class is the perfect place to begin or reawaken your yoga practice! It is designed for the absolute beginner or the student somewhat new to yoga who wants a deeper introduction into this ancient method used to create flexibility, strength and balance in the body and mind… on and off the mat. Although if you’re a more experienced yogi, don’t let the word beginners discourage you – many of Lilananda’s experienced students also regularly attend and enjoy this class! Each class includes a yoga practice with emphasis on proper alignment and connecting breath to movement, basic breathing practices, as well as guided relaxation and meditation.

Gentle & Restorative Yoga

Gentle yoga is perfect for those who don't want to or cannot meet the higher demands of a typical yoga class. A form of hatha yoga, gentle yoga is perfect for seniors. Practitioners who are in a compromised physical condition or those who are simply looking for a more relaxed and laid back workout may prefer gentle yoga over other yoga forms.

If you experience pain or have mobility issues and are searching for a yoga practice that will leave you relaxed and renewed, this may be the perfect yoga class for you. We’ll use a variety of props in this class to assist your body and mind in finding your own individual release in each posture. Teachings will include pranayama (breathing techniques) a gentle restorative asana practice (physical postures) and guided meditations.

Not Your Mama's Yoga

Everyone knows that yoga is an ancient system, but did you know it was practiced predominantly by lean flexible young men? It doesn’t always address what the female body needs, nor does it always address what the modern body needs. In this class, we will look at how the physical body is changed - by birth, by our daily lives, by our habits - and tailor the practice to what you need in the moment. We will also talk about how to practice yoga, both the physical asana and the mental clarity, more in your day to day life. Come prepared to find your strength, in many forms. Babies welcome as there are many, rapid changes through the postnatal period that can be aided by a regular yoga practice.

 Prenatal Yoga

Come work out the pregnancy kinks in a safe and supportive environment. This is not yoga light. This is an invigorating 90 minute vinyasa class designed around the pregnant anatomy to support your body, strengthen it for labor/birth and give you time to relax from the daily stresses so you can enjoy this unique time with your body and baby. This class is suitable for anyone who is pregnant, regardless of how early or late in your pregnancy you are.

All Levels Hatha Yoga

All levels of yogis, from beginner to advanced, are welcome at these classical hatha yoga classes! Individualized modifications will be offered so that everyone gets something out of class. Each class will have a unique theme and intention and will include yoga postures, pranayama (breathing techniques), guided relaxation and meditation.

Young Yogis

Children benefit from yoga practice by learning the skills to navigate life more gracefully with a foundation of health & wellness.  Our classes are centered around creativity and kindness, but naturally provide lessons increasing;
     -social &emotional skills
     -motor skills development
     -sense of identity & body image
     -stress management
     -self awareness & care
     -and many other valuable skills!

Kickboxing/Yoga Fusion

This 60-minute class gives you an awesome total-body workout that pairs cardio, stretching, and relaxation.  Spend the first 30 minutes burning calories with kickboxing combinations on the heavy bag and floor excersices.  Then work the body and the mind with 30 minutes of yoga, including a full-body stretch, deep guided breathing, and relaxation.  It's the perfect, well-rounded workout for your body and mind!