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October 9, 2016
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December 2, 2016
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Just Tell me What to Do

I have had several conversations with people I love and respect (including myself) the conclusion of which was: I just want someone to tell me what to do. The thing is, we have that within us. We just have to learn how to sit through the stuff we don’t want to see to get to the quiet voice that knows what to do.

So often we keep ourselves busy and/or distracted. Sometimes we have responsibilities and sometimes we are covering up what we can’t face within us. I’m sure you’ve had that experience of going to bed exhausted but find you’re unable to sleep because your mind won’t quiet down. This is where we stop being friends with ourselves and start the chemical interventions. For me, as a child dealing with myself, I used to sing myself songs to fall asleep. Now, when I’m quiet, my inner voice picks songs for me to consider in regard to a situation I’m contemplating.

Eventually I grew old enough for the chemical interventions and spent many unproductive years distancing myself from me. Today, I practice yoga every day. I still have a hard time sitting still at first and this morning I noticed my reluctance, even still, to be as silent and still as I need to be to hear that guiding voice. I want to fix things. I want to immediately apply a technique, but if I’m not sitting and noticing the situation first, how can I intelligently apply any technology? I’ve reduced myself to an automaton, moving for movements sake, or repeating things mindlessly.

Sit and notice before you exert your will. What are you really accomplishing? Is it in line with what you want in your life? You don’t have to make a list or even make the process daunting. Just take a moment before you act. Just one moment of stillness will eventually add up to a clarity that may surprise you.



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