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Thoughts to Ponder – January 2015

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We touched on samskaras in the newsletter last month. We all have things that we want to change. Habitual thoughts, actions, thoughts about past actions. We all yearn for the clean slate. While the calendar page turning won't magically erase your habitual tendancies, January 1st has become something that symbolizes the idea of new beginnings and a fresh start.

I want you to think about the concept of motivation in your life and how it applies to getting a fresh start. Motivations applies to your life every minute of every day because everything you do has some basis in your mind for its completion. Being unable to resist scratching your face while in savasana is an indication of a mind that is resistant to relaxation. It may just seem like an itch but you're distracting yourself. If you don't scratch that itch it will eventually go away. Try it.

Similarly in uncomfortable social circumstances there are certain emotional cues that can be seen in your body language that you may not even notice or try to do purposefully. When you're anxious you're going to touch or scratch or move. It is one of the ways we express ourselves when we feel like we can't really express ourselves openly. There's always a reason why you do something and every time you say "I don't know why I did that" you're hiding something from yourself.

Our yoga practice is the way to get down to the bottom of some of the things we don't want to know about ourselves.

When considering resolutions this year, first consider why. What is the foundation in your mind behind the drive to change that particular thing? Is it a result if outside pressure or an internal imperative? The hows are not as important. Deciding to make the change will help make the hows happen. But if you're not clear on the why you won't have the proper motivation to break deep seated habits. And that is definitely the only way to effect change.

New beginnings are possible you've just got to find the right tack. Let everyday hold the possibility of new beginnings.

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