Cabbage, Carrot and Cranberry Salad

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September 21, 2017
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Cabbage, Carrot and Cranberry Salad

Cabbage, Carrot and Cranberry Salad


Salad Ingredients:
1 medium cabbage
1 bell pepper (red, yellow, or orange), sliced into thin strips
2 large or 3 medium carrots
⅓ cup craisins (dried cranberries)
Marinade Ingredients:
2 cups water
1 Tbsp salt + ½ tsp
5 tsp honey
⅓ cup white vinegar
⅓ cup sunflower, vegetable or extra light olive oil (I used the olive oil)
2 large garlic cloves

1. Boil water and remove from heat. Off the heat, add 1 Tbsp + ½ tsp salt, 5 tsp honey, ⅓ cup vinegar, ⅓ cup oil and stir to dissolve the sugar and salt.

2. Stir in pressed cloves of garlic (Tips for success: You don't want to add garlic to boiling hot water or it will turn blue, that's why you add it last to the syrup and off the heat).

3. Finely slice your cabbage (a mandolin makes this job way easier!) and thinly slice your bell pepper. Grate your carrots. In a large bowl, toss your veggies with your ⅓ cup cranberries to combine.

4. Transfer your prepared veggies to a glass jar and pour in your prepared marinade. It's perfectly ok if your syrup is still warm or even a little hot.

5. Press your cabbage down tightly so it reaches syrup. Your salad won't need to marinate as long if the syrup is warm. Refrigerate your marinated salad. It will be delicious and ready to eat within 4-5 hours.

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