BIG News & Summer Updates from Jennifer

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June 7, 2018
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July 2, 2018
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BIG News & Summer Updates from Jennifer

We have some BIG news to share this month and a few updates about what's happening at the studio going into summer!

Last month I wrote a personal note in our newsletter where I shared the great changes I've experienced over the past few years. At the tail end of all of that change I am both immensely happy and grateful for so VERY much and I'm also still struggling to find balance in my new "normal" as a Mom with four children at home and being a business owner. I am dedicated to the teachings of yoga, to the practice of those teachings, to the studio, and to the community around it; which is why I've continued with this business despite the challenge it has at times presented. Luckily I have had lots of help from some wonderful people along the way which has definitely been a key factor in keeping the studio doors open.

Something I spend a lot of time practicing is accepting things as they are instead of wasting my time and energy wishing they were different. So in practicing what I also teach I did some self reflection and some soul searching to determine what it was that would restore balance and joy to my life. The answer was, not to close the studio, but to somehow find a way to make the business of it more manageable, given my new normal. So with that said I think it's time to share our BIG NEWS!!!!

Lilananda Yoga will be moving to a new location in the coming months~we will be partnering with Girl Fight, up the road on Rt. 50 in Burnt Hills and we are super excited about this new adventure! Lilananda and Girl Fight will remain separate businesses, just operating under the same roof. This means our payment systems, websites, and class schedules will remain separate. We will however be working out a discount to offer to each others customers. After the move we will still offer our weekly yoga classes and many of our popular events too. We will keep everyone posted about when the changes will take place and we truly hope that you'll support us through yet another transition.

In the meantime our classes will continue at our current location following the NEW summer schedule, and I will be offering a hybrid class alongside one of the Girl Fight instructors, Jeanna. It will be a one hour class with 30 minutes of kickboxing and 30 minutes of yoga to follow. The class will begin in July and be offered Tuesday nights from 6:30-7:30. I am super excited to try kickboxing and to introduce yoga into the new space!

Kindess Always,

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