Yoga for Subtle Alignment with Meghan Hogan
August 16, 2020
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Catching Up in 2020

A lot may have changed in the last 6 months but there are some things that will never change: Our dedication to our practice and our dedication to You! The wellbeing of our community is a driving passion in our lives.

You haven't been hearing from us as regularly as you might be used to. We have been navigating many changes in our lives. There have been new trainings, program development, school at home, and the change of seasons. It has been an interesting and tumultuous time. That's not to mention the societal and political climate.

Given all of this, we want you to know how much we appreciate you sticking with us! Either with distance classes or through our recorded content, we have tried to keep offering yoga that can help you stay on an even keel through life.

As we move into cooler, darker days we may be seeking ways to keep ourselves feeling warm and comfortable. There are healthy and not so healthy ways to do this. One of the best ways for to be well this fall is to allow yourself rest! When there are so many responsibilities, being able to rejuvenate will help you get things done. The all or nothing approach is rarely a healthy one. If you like pie, eat pie. Not a whole pie. 😉 Here's a grounding fall recipe to try!

We are so excited to be adding classes to our online class schedule! Chris Darby-King is back! Her students have been so happy to be able to take her Gentle Yoga classes once again. Make sure you take some time to try one. They're a lovely bright spot in the middle of the week.

We are proud to announce a NEW Gentle Flow Yoga class with Courtney Ortiz! Courtney has been practicing yoga for 5 years. In an effort to deepen her understanding of yoga, she recently completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification at the Yoga & Ayurveda Center and is excited to share her passion with others. Off the mat, Courtney is a proud mom of three girls, works full-time, and enjoys keeping active and busy with her husband, family and friends. Courtney will begin teaching her class on Monday November 2nd at 6pm!

Breathe Breaks are a special new offering from Vanessa! Twice a week Vanessa will be on Zoom offering gentle stretches and pranayama practices to reset your day. These classes will only be 30 minutes and so they are 1/2 the price of our typical classes.

Jennifer is ready to take you on as a long term student! If you haven't yet visited our new pages dedicated to Living Yoga with Jennifer and her Signature Program Yoga for Cultivating Self Worth now is the time! Jennifer has dedicated so much time and energy to this important work. Her program will offer you all the tools you need to revamp your inner world into a welcome, contented, worthy space!