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November 2, 2017
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December 2, 2017
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Elements of Yoga

by Carrie Huntley

This month’s Elements of Yoga column is not about an element of yoga, per se. Rather, it’s about an element of the recent technology update at Lilananda that is quite beneficial to our students.

Did you know that you can now pre-register online for yoga classes? 

The benefits of this may not be apparent; however, there are a few reasons to consider making this part of your yoga routine:

  • As the winter weather season approaches, it is possible that there will be last-minute class cancellations due to poor road conditions, power outages and the like. We do our best to update our online schedule and post class cancellations on our Facebook page; however, we cannot be sure that each student will become aware of these updates. With our new software, our teachers can directly and personally notify those who registered to attend the class.
  • At the time of registering online, you also can purchase a drop-in, class card, or monthly unlimited yoga pass should you be out of classes on your current card or pass.
  • While we may not have statistics to back this up, speaking from personal experience, it seems that people are more likely to attend events, like yoga classes, when they register for them in advance. It’s as if the act of registering serves as a mini-sankalpa to attend the class, thereby making it more likely that they make it to class! And who doesn’t want to make it to class?! (A sankalpa is a resolve or intention to realize your heartfelt desires… perhaps this will be the subject of an upcoming Elements of Yoga column!)

How does one register for classes online? Excellent question! Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Go to, and click on the “Schedule” tab.

  1. Click the “Book” button for the class that you plan to attend.