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July 7, 2016
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Peace & Practice

Peace & Practice

Use your Yoga practice to cultivate inner peace.

Have you ever seen or read the quote above? I've seen it on coffee mugs, painted signs and in the media.

My understanding of this quote has evolved from comprehending the words to understanding the true meaning/feeling of it. As a mother, wife, daughter and business owner there are many moments filled with noise, hard work and yes, sometimes troubles. A perfect example, as I sit writing this article I am at our kitchen table and the house is all a buzz. Not what one would consider the best atmosphere for writing, right? Moments like this are a true reminder of what this quote suggests or reminds us of.

I attribute the time that I am able to maintain the calm and peace in my heart to my daily practice. It has allowed me to find the place inside of me that is always calm and loving. Sometimes the not so peaceful times get to me just like everyone else, but the more consistently I practice the less this happens. The goal of yoga is to unite us with this part of ourselves; the ever pure and unsullied Self that resides within all of us, the unchanging, ceaselessly loving, Self. Once we become aware of this sense of Self we realize that the moments of happiness and joy that we feel in life are actually a reflection of this inner reality, we can use our practice to allow this reality to shine through more consistently in our life.

This process doesn't happen in one hour during a yoga class, this process takes time and practice. Yoga classes are a great way to connect mind and body and begin to learn some of the practices that can help you cultivate this sense of peace. Yoga classes are also a good place to connect with people who are on this journey as well. Join us for a class to begin or to continue along your journey!