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March 7, 2018
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June 13, 2018
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A Note From Jennifer

It's been a while since I've written something for our Newsletter and Blog so I thought it was high time for me to say hello, to say thank you and do a little catching up! So first things first, Hello!! I have been missing the studio and all of the people who make it what it is, and that includes you!

My life has been undergoing so much change over the past few years, I'm talking some pretty major changes. My husband and I opened this studio almost 4.5 years ago. We were both working full time and had our oldest 2 children at the time. We worked hard and late hours to make it happen. We made the decision for me to leave my old full time career of 12 years, about 7 months after the studio opened. This was a huge adjustment for us in many ways. About 9 months later I learned that my Dad had Stage 4 Cancer, he told me about 3 weeks after he found out and was gone 6 weeks later. Three months after that we found out I was pregnant with my second daughter, she was due the day before the 1 year anniversary of my Dad's passing. She was a footling breach baby who decided to arrive 2 weeks and 2 days early, and was born via an un-scheduled C-Section. That was my first and only surgery ever, the limitations of my body afterward were shocking to me, and the healing took longer than I anticipated. Then as we settled into our new normal as a family, about a month before our second daughter turned 1, we found out that we were unexpectedly pregnant with our most recent addition, our youngest son. He arrived 6 days late in January, after bedrest and early labor in the months prior. To accommodate our growing family we decided it was time for more space and so we purchased a new home that was a foreclosure and required a fair amount of work before we could move in.  Now here we are, our youngest daughter will be 2 this month and our baby boy will soon be 4 months old. Now I am hoping that maybe, just maybe we can catch a little breather from major life transitions. Prayers and crossed fingers are always welcome! The result of all of this change and transition is that I have done a lot of practice and growing as a person to navigate such major changes. Having them happen back to back the way they did had me feeling like I was being tossed around in a small boat in stormy seas! Not to mention the hormones and other changes that come with pregnancies and nursing. It also means that I have at many times struggled to find a balance between life and running a business like the studio.

The studio was born of a dream of mine and it continues to be a labor of love for me. I absolutely love the community that has formed around the studio. The teachers, the students, our special guests and so on. I am thankful to each of you that receives and reads our newsletter, to each of you that chooses to practice at Lilananda, to those of you who talk to your friends about us and tell them they should come in, to all of you who have been flexible and understanding when things haven't gone as planned, to everyone who has been patient while we've been adjusting to new systems and software, and to all of you who follow us on, like, or share our stuff on social media. You are such a major part of what makes the studio what it is and I, we, appreciate you! So thank you, thank you, thank you, for your continued support.

We are always trying to think of ways to improve what are offering and how we are offering it, and we are always trying to bring things into the studio that people have expressed interest in or we think you'd love. If you have any requests or ideas we'd love to hear from you. What have been your favorite offerings? What would you like to see more of? Is there something you're interested in that we haven't offered yet, or that you missed due to scheduling issues?

Another thing that make my heart happy is that all of us at Lilananda make it a priority to be active in the community. We do this by offering programs in the local schools and libraries at low or no cost. We give free items to local schools, clubs and charities to be raffled off to help with fundraising. We have offered several donation based classes where the proceeds go directly to a teacher selected charity, and we have led several free classes for local organizations, schools, groups, etc. If there is an organization or charity you're part of or care deeply about and you'd like to see if we can help, send me a note and we will see what we can do!

I'd also like to share with you how excited I am about some of the stuff we have coming up in the months ahead! One of the most exciting things we are working on right now is a weekly offering of yoga in the park (Indian Meadows). The classes will be at 9am on Sunday mornings, they will be low cost, $5 per person, and a portion of the proceeds will be put back into the parks budget to help support the outdoor fitness area in the park. We will also be offering a Monthly free class in the park, these will be in the evening on weeknight, dates are still TBD. There will be more opportunities to get outside and do yoga this summer, stay tuned for more info and details on what's coming up!

There are also some changes coming to our membership benefits that we are pretty excited about! We are always trying to think of ways to make our members feel valued and supported. One of the benefits we will be adding for our Monthly members is one free hour of a one-on-one with me to talk about your practice, check in on how your practice is working for you, to answer your questions, or to fine tune your already established practice. This is something that teachers generally charge $60-$120 for and we want to give that personal experience to our members as part of our commitment to them. I am looking forward to providing you more support as a student and practitioner. There will be more to come as we work out the final details.

If you're still with me here thank you again for taking the time to read our newsletter! I'd love to hear back from you about any ideas, requests, etc. Even if you'd like to see us write an article or blog post about a specific subject or idea, let us know, we are here and want to serve your interests.