Stress and Anxiety Management for our Kids!

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June 3, 2015
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August 3, 2015
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Stress and Anxiety Management for our Kids!

4 Week Session - Thursday Evenings
Starting 8/6/15

Children between the ages of 9-15 experience a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety these days. Between school, sports, family life and friends our kids are having a hard time managing their feelings, which leads to stress & anxiety. On top of this type of stress many of our kids today don't understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the impact of food and even intellectual intake can have.Yoga & Mindfulness practices have been proven to help children learn effective and healthy ways to manage the stress in their lives and also to start them on a path to overall wellness.

In this four-week session we will talk about the human body, how it works and processes stress and how it affects our overall wellness. We will also talk about the effects of food and sensory input. The information will be delivered in an age appropriate format meant to resonate with the kids!The last classes of the session parents are invited to join their children for an overview of what was learned and we will have healthy snacks and teas for everyone to try!

$50 per Child, Space is limited so pre-registration is required.