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March 16, 2020
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March 31, 2020
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Student of the Month – March 2020

Here is Pam practicing with Jennifer from home!

Meet Pam Walsh!

Congratulations to our student of the month, Pam Walsh!
Pam is a retired educator who has worked in a variety of school environments; school-age to college. She began practicing yoga three years ago and has maintained a steady yoga practice at Lilananda since. She enjoys the relaxed atmosphere and community feel of our classes at Lilananda. A regular yoga practice has benefited her from a mind/body perspective. She has also noticed an improvement with her osteoarthritis which has been so helpful. Pam is a labyrinth trainer to various schools and community agencies and finds that yoga is a wonderful complement to this work. 
We have enjoyed observing Pam‘s progress with her practice and love that she continues to practice with us!

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