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June 2, 2016
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Peace & Practice
August 2, 2016
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The Long Haul

Our worlds are fast. It's not news to you, I'm sure, that we want things faster than we've historically been able to get them. There's something about impending death that forces one into either action or inertia. Fight, flight, or freeze, right? I've always been a freezer.

When it comes to our health, our longevity is often our guiding star. In the western health care system I have been privy to professionals who are bound to "do no harm", but who often misinterpret that edict as "help people live as long as possible", regardless of the quality of that life.

Yoga offers a quality of life that the western medical model is only recently agreeing with. The preventative approach is happily gaining traction, while yoga is still relevant as a wellness modality millennia after its' inception. Do you think our meds will be relevant in 5,000 years?

I've been thinking of our stress and this is true: stress is only a problem when it's chronic. When it's acute it saves our lives. That's why we have it. Our ancestors survived, because we are stressed about dying. When we have that reaction happening in our system all the time we poison ourselves which chemicals which will lead to exhaustion and illness.

Can you see your stress as a positive? Can you broaden your perspective to see what is important to stress over, as a catalyst for change and growth in your life, and let go of what is making you sick?

It's hard to gain the traction needed to change our perspective sometimes. One of the thought experiments I like to indulge in, especially during the summer when I'm feeling harried, is to sit at the foot of a tree and try to imagine the patience it would take to stay in that spot as long as it would take to grow up and down as much as the tree has.

Good things take time. Don't be fooled by our the culture that claims if it's broken throw it away and buy a new one. We can't afford a new one. We live longer now than we ever have. Take advantage of the time. Those who have developed the patience know staying in for the long haul is the most rewarding.