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March 5, 2017
Yoga Practice & The Pursuit of Happiness
Yoga Practice & The Pursuit of Happiness
April 7, 2017
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Transition & Skillful Action

Navigating Transition

Yoga for Transition

Transition is something that we all have in common. We are continuously experiencing all types of transitions, from the small daily things like going from sleeping to waking, from home to work or school, from being awake to falling asleep, and the list goes on. We also have bigger transitions to navigate like job changes, children, moving, vacations, marriage, maybe even things like divorce, loosing a parent or loved one, etc. I've listed just a few things that come quickly to mind but my guess is that every person reading this will be able to relate to one or a few of those things. Transition by nature has a very rajasic energy, which means it creates a bit of instability for us. And usually we tend to experience some level of internal anxiety or stress in association with that instability.

One of the major goals of practicing yoga is Sattwa, a more consistently stable, calm, light, and clear state. Working towards a place that even when we are experiencing something challenging or tumultuous our inner state remains steady or at least less affected, ultimately experiencing less stress and frustration. It is amazing how this ancient practice gives us so many tools that are still practical and applicable in todays world. Another goal of working with these practices in that we begin to move through our life with skillful action. We begin to understand ourselves, our strengths, our weakness or what we struggle with. As we begin to understand and accept these things we begin our own journey of ahamkara or personal evolution. We learn about ourselves and use that wisdom to make clearer decisions about how to use our time and energy more effectively.

We use our physical practice kind of like a proving ground and as a support to our ongoing evolution. It helps keep our body healthy, strong, and steady. It also gives us an opportunity to learn about how we handle things like transition, hard work, and challenge. Using a combination of Asana(Poses), Pranayama(Breathing Practices), and Meditation you can move yourself toward a more sattwic state of being. You begin to move through life using more skillful action. When you start to do this, life begins to feel a little easier and in my opinion more fulfilling because your acting in ways that are more in line with who you truly are. By doing so you begin to live more in your own truth which inevitably brings with it more feelings of being complete and happy.

Join me for classes this month that will be focused on this topic. We will explore being more aware of the spaces in between, what we do during periods of transition, how we respond to challenge, creating steadiness, and establishing more clarity.


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