Wellness Services

Achieve optimal health with one (or all!) of our complementary wellness service options.

Thai Yoga

Vanessa Chambers

Thai Yoga is a type of assisted yoga originating in Thailand. Asana is accomplished through assisted movement and is non-weight bearing. Therefore joints are not strained and tension does not build in the body but is actively released. Each session is tailored to the individual and results in deep relaxation.

60 minute Thai Yoga session: $70
90 minute Thai Yoga session: $100
Include a personalized yoga class to open and warm before you relax.
30 minutes of yoga (set your own intention and target areas) followed by 45 minutes of Thai Yoga: $88
45 minutes of yoga (set your own intention and target areas) followed by 45 minutes of Thai Yoga: $110
60 minutes of yoga (set your own intention and target areas) followed by 60 minutes of Thai Yoga: $150
*Please arrive 15 minutes early to give yourself ample time to settle in.


Deb Baas of Erth Wellness

Deborah graduated from the Center of Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy in Albany New York in January of 2018. She trained in Therapeutic Swedish and Sports massage and specializes in Shiatsu and Thai Massage. 

Deborah is a member with American Massage Therapy Association. She also has a Cosmetology license in New York State.

Deborah has always had a gift and passion to serve others around her and help them to feel great about themselves mind body and Spirit.

Most importantly Deborah is committed to personal growth and continuing education in Massage therapy, cosmetology, Thai massage Yoga, breath work, and other things within the wellness career to always have knowledge and information to share with her clients.

Deb’s body work is based on her knowledge and understanding of human musculature and connective tissue, and using the best modality for relieving each clients’ specific issues. Deb’s passion is releasing each client’s pain, tension, and stress to maximize quality of life.

Psychosomatic Journey

Laura Normile

The purpose of Psychosomatic Journey is to create a safe space where your mind can untangle itself from the chains of the past, your heart can be witnessed and honored in the complexity and fullness of the emotions that it contains, and your body can liberate itself from the burden of carrying the energy of your wounds.

Learn more about Laura and her offerings at her website.

Deep Connections Medical Qigong Therapy

Kate Kellman

Medical Qigong Therapy is a branch of Chinese Medicine originating from the Classical period of oral tradition when secret knowledge was handed down through families. It helps clients get to the root of their medical or psychological issues by exploring possible environmental and/or emotional causes, and then re-adjusting the energetic matrix to promote self-healing through better Qi and blood flow.

Learn more about Kate and Medical Qigong at her website.

New Moon Tai Chi

Tony Grimaldi

Tai Chi is graceful and involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner. Students become calm, their breathing deepens, and their muscles relax. 

Tony Grimaldi is a certified tai chi instructor who offers classes throughout the Capital Region. He teaches a range of tai chi exercises, incorporating various movements and equipment in each class.

Learn more about Tony and Tai Chi at his website.